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[Recipe] Sweet potato curry

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

I'm Sorry for this imprecise recipe,

but this recipe is just to put a sweet potato in your usual Indian curry. Little sweet but spicy and tastes amazing!



1 medium sweet potato 1 small carrot 1 large onion

1 large mushroom 1 clove of garlic ginger—– same mount as garlic spinach—–as much as you like 2-3 medium tomatoes

leek—–as much as you like curry mix spice, turmeric, salt,oil—–as much as you like


1、Chop every vegetable except for the leek. For the onion, please chop smaller as much as you can.

2、Fry the garlic and the ginger with oil. When you smell the garlic, put the onion and handful of salt and fly it carefully until the onion become brown in colour.

3、Put the sweet potato, the carrot, the mushroom and the tomatoes and fly a bit. Then put the curry spices and the turmeric to fly a bit more.

4、Pour water until it gets 3/4 of the vegetables and simmers it.

5、When you see the vegetables are soft enough, then put the spinach and simmer it more till it becomes your favourite texture. Then put the leek and finish seasoning with salt.

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