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Travelling Fermenter:
Akane Terajima 






Hi to all Japanese food-lovers, fermentation geeks and whoever is reading this page. Thank you very much for visiting my site. I am the Travelling Fermenter who travels around to help people explore the world of fermentation. My speciality is homemade Miso workshops.

This Homepage will show you where you can take my class. Most of the time it's in Japan. I’m very excited to launch this new project which enables me to talk about Miso to people from all over the world!

The 1st time I ever made homemade Miso was in 2011. I didn’t expect the homemade Miso to taste so good. The taste was not only salty but a bit sweet and full of Umami. I was really thrilled because it had a richer taste than the miso you can buy on the market. This first experience encouraged me to organize Miso workshops all over Tokyo. 

 The Year 2011 really was a big turning point for me. Not only did I experience making my 1st Miso but because of the earthquake of Fukushima, my perspective towards life changed a lot. Then I decided to do what I love, so I started travelling overseas; then I found that people abroad are very curious about Japanese food. I was very honoured to share my knowledge of Japanese culinary culture with them. That was when I offered to organise homemade Miso workshops abroad.

I have now been travelling and teaching about homemade Miso for the last several years. I really want to continue my enthusiasm towards Miso and travelling by organizing other homemade Miso workshops for foreign travellers in Japan.  

 If you are interested, please join my workshop. This is a very unique and unforgettable experience and that it will be a special souvenir to bring back home with you. 




Countries I visited  

(Countries I made Miso with locals)

Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Laos, America, England, Finland, Switzerland, Italy, Romania, New Zealand, Spain, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Norway, HongKong


The articles which I was introduced!


2018 Marukome Miso 'Hakkoubishoku'  (only in Japanese)


Who's Travelling Fermenter? What's her vision.


The Homemade Miso workshop of Travelling Fermenter




Part 1

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Part 2

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Q & A​



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