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[ Recipe ] Oyako Don

Whenever I cook Japanese dishes in overseas, I minded about what I can get for the ingredients. There're some ingredients I couldn't find in overseas.

However, Oyako Don was something easier to find the ingredients,

to cook and to prepare for a big number of people.

(The photo was dawnloaded from here)

So, what is Oyako Don?

This dish always has cooked chicken and eggs over the rice. 'Don' is the name of the dishes which comes with a big bowl of rice. 'Oyako' means parent and child.

I hope you noticed why this meal has this name.

My Oyako Don has onion, chicken thigh and eggs over a bowl of rice.

The seasoning is just soy sauce, salt and Mirin, Sweet Sake.

What my friends liked about this food was

the sweetness of onions.

When you use salt and water properly,

you can bring out the sweetness of any vegetables. So the salt is my trick of making tasty Oyako Don.

I hope I can make this secret understandable but

unfortunately, I'm not good at writing recipes.

Because I don't use recipes so often. My body condition decides what I feel like eating. So the tastes either.

I hope you can create your own Oyako don after finding

my recipe isn't very useful. haha Enjoy!

Travelling Fermenter's Oyako Don.

<Ingredients> for 2 persons ・150~200g chicken thigh