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Here're what Travelling Fermenter offers currently.

​Feel free to ask the details and send us your request.

Miso Workshop





This is a hands-on workshop to learn how to ferment Miso at home. You will also learn what will happen to your Miso through the fermentation by watching a fermentation muppet show. The textbook 'The handbook for tastier homemade Miso' is included to the price.

The English workshop is available on Airbnb!






Homemade Miso
Miso bomb
​Miso Bomb Workshop





A ball is for making a bowl of soup. You can make healthy instant soup by making Miso balls. We'll choose dried ingredients and Miso from more than 15 kinds. 

The flavours aren't only Japanese Miso soup. From Asian coconut curry soup to Russian beetroot soup, mixing ingredients will stimulate your creativity. Moreover, it's so fun to decorate your Miso balls. 

The English workshop is available on Airbnb.




Miso soup and rice ball
Miso soup and rice ball






Please don't think that Miso soup always comes with seaweed and tofu. It's possible to use anything from your fridge. 


This workshop includes how to make Japanese broth, Dashi, and how to make rice balls. These rice, Dashi and Miso are very important ingredients of Japanese cuisine. So, the workshop will help you understand the fundamental skills to cook Japanese foods.

The English workshop is available on Airbnb! @Tokyo 






Koji Workshop
-Learning by using 5 scenes. 






Koji is like a starter of fermenting basic Japanese condiments Miso, soy sauce, vinegar, Sake and Mirin. If you would like to know more about Koji fermentation, this workshop will help you deeply understand what Koji is. By seeing, touching, tasting, smelling and listening, get to know this amazing creature!


If you want to make Koji itself it's possible to share how but you would need 3 days to ferment it.

The English workshops are available by request. 





Tapioca Workshop





Have you ever thought of making bubble tea by yourself? It's not difficult and much more fun if you start by making homemade Tapioca. In this workshop, I will also introduce the Vietnamese soup dessert, Che, by using the Tapioca we make.

The English workshops are available by request. 







Vietnamese cooking
Vietnamese​ Cooking






Vietnam is one of the countries I love. I admire Vietnamese who have passed on and created great recipes. Time to time, Travelling Fermenter visit Vietnam to explore hidden yummy foods. Most of them are homemade foods.


I would like to share these hidden gems with you.   

The English workshops are available by request. 









Miso & soy sauce shopping
​Miso and Soy sauce shopping workshop





When you travel to Japan, you may want to buy genuine Miso and soy sauce for your souvenir. However, you'll be astonished by the selections of Miso and soy sauce in the supermarkets. Moreover, there's no English on the packages.


I will help you understand how to find good products and avoid buying fake products from the selections. When it comes to buying Miso and soy sauce I'm very picky because I can understand how they're made by reading the packages. This is something the Japanese don't know very much in general.

I'm also very happy to be a private interpreter when you shop at supermarkets.

The English workshops are available on Airbnb.@Yokohama

Other works
Other works...








Recipe developments

  + Koji sour for SAKURA BAR in Tokyo (2019)


Private tour conductor

   A researcher, an organiser, an interpreter, a guide of a private tour of

     + Flower Tea cafe in Fukuoka

          (Vietnamese tea tour/ Hanoi 2019)

     + Yukari Miyamura, a raw food, spice and cooking teacher.

          (Vietnamese herbs and foods/ Hanoi 2018)















Q & A​



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