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2019: 214 kgs

When I look back through the year 2019,

my biggest leap was to become a self-employer.

Until the year 2018, I did the Homemade Miso workshop

only between Feb. and April. So, I took courage to

move forward last year.

In 2018, I helped people making 138 kgs of Miso in total. So, in 2019 was 214kgs!

Thank you so much, everyone, who has chosen

Travelling Fermenter as a guide to ferment your

Homemade Misooooo!!!

I wondered how many people have joined my workshop in 2019

and counted. Then it appeared like this.

Homemade Miso 193 ppl (include overseas 22 ppl)

Miso ball   144 ppl (include overseas 9 ppl)

Tapioca  24 ppl

Koji steam buns 8 ppl

Others   14 ppl


Total 383ppl (include overseas 31 ppl)

Thank you so so much, everyone.🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️🙇‍♂️❤️

Wishing that I can do more workshops in 2020

and satisfy many people as much as I can.


I'll keep learning and improving this year too.



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