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[Romania] Homemade wine

Soooooooo tasty :9

Since I've been a Japanese, I've never tasted homemade wine in my life.

When I visited Romania, had a chance to taste it in the countryside.

A fresh & natural wine of Romania.

Every time when some people come to visit the house, the wine was served from a cask to a bottle and to each glasses. What an amazing culture....


It tastes like juice but really strong.


I asked a Romanian father, how much of wine he have prepared for the next year, and he went

' ....... 5000kgs, I guess. '


Five thou,,, just for his own house?

Not for selling?

While I was staying there, I learned that when the people visited neighbors, they brought their own wine as a souvenir, but,,,

5000kgs were incredibly a big mount!!!

Moreover, I noticed that every homemade wine of each families had different tastes. What an abundant culture the Romanian has!!!

Anyway, I imagine that this culture is similar to Japanese homemade Miso culture.

We prepare Miso a lot by each homes and share it with neighbors.

Every time when the father had visitors, he asked someone to bring the fresh wine from the cask. However, none of them were enjoying it very much and weren't good at it.


Putting the fresh wine to a new bottle didn't seem very easy. It needed a technic. I can't explain how they did but I was the one who was enjoying and good at it in the end. It was just like a joke. So the father asked me to bring the fresh wine every time he needed.

How come I was the most skilled one even though the another guys have been Romanian for longer than my age.


Here’s the drawing for how they put the wine in the bottle.

(This happens only for the time when a the hole of the cask is on the top.)

Putting one side of a tube into a cask and sucking the another side of the tube. When the wine come up to your mouth, put the side of the tube into an empty bottle quickly and lower the bottle than the cask. Then, the wine comes into the bottle. It’s just like this.

If I could visit this place again, I would take this tool from Japan.


By gripping and releasing the red part of this tool, we can do this wine-pomping-work easily. Japan is a country of invention.:)

I wonder if you have this kind of tool in your country.

Oh whatever the tool is, I still recall the taste of Romanian homemade wine.


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