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Let's ferment your own Miso!

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The purpose of this class is to prepare your own Miso before fermenting it at home.

Each participant will mix ingredients and bring pre-fermented Miso back home. Miso needs to ferment for 3-12 months, depending on room temperature.

The workshop costs 5000-7000 yen.

The fee includes a follow-up service during which participants can ask all the questions they want. If you want to ship your miso home I can help you after the workshop.


*If you don't want to make Miso but want to join just to learn the technique, please contact me in advance.  




+ All the ingredients for 1kg pre-fermented Miso

+ Handouts 

+ Information about Miso fermentation

+ A follow-up service

What will we do?

What will we do?

+ Learn more about Miso

+ Mash the soybeans   ( in a plastic bag)

+ Mix ingredients   ( in a plastic bag)

+ A demonstration of what you need to do after the workshop

+ Tasting of ingredients

​The fee includes...

What you need to bring with you.


+ A handtowel

+ A pen

+ Drinks (if you need )




 Yes of course! But please be reminded that space is limited.

 Please let me know if you want to join the workshop with your children.

 + Up to age 12
    You can bring 2 children per adult.


 + Age 13-18

    You can bring 1 child per adult.

 If you have 1 child who's under 12 and 1 child who's between 13-18, please ask when you book.


 The explanation of fermentation might be difficult and sometimes boring for small children but usually, they love to mash beans and mix ingredients at our workshop. 



The fee doesn't include...

- A container for the Miso

- Transportation fees

- Shipping fees



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