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Making something better than ever


That's the flow of fermentation. Let's ferment the world!!



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Edible Art, Miso Balls.


Make your own Miso balls, which used to be a Samurai's mobile soup mix.


You will mix Miso with dried ingredients such as veggies, seaweeds, and seafood. Then bring them home with you or travel with them.

They will boost your energy whenever you are tired.

*No need to be creative.

*Vegan friendly.


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Travelling Fermenter's website!


Welcome to

    In this digital-tech world, fermentation is like magic. Why do mashed grapes become alcoholic? Why does salted cabbage become sour? How come they don't go off? And how did people find out about this and even start eating fermented food? You could go deeper and deeper into the world of fermentation; that's when you start discovering this magic. Some get into it faster and some go slower, but I'm sure that we can all be a part of this magic.

    So, here I would like to introduce Miso to you. It is a Japanese salted bean paste which becomes sweeter, tastier and more nutritious as it ferments. Miso has a lot of ancient wisdom which originates in China and has not revealed everything to a science yet. However, it has been part of Japanese life for more than 1300 years.
    It might sound a bit overwhelming, but the funny thing is you can make Miso at your home quite easily. What you need to do is preparing the environment to ferment soybeans in. Then the magic will start. If you want to know how then please join my class. I will guide you through the magical moment of fermentation! 


Travelling Fermenter:   Akane Terajima
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