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Q & A

Q. Where are these ingredients from?

A. Rice Koji and soybeans are from Yamagata Pref.  These are all organically grown crop from a farmer I respect who has farmed for more than 50 years. He always grows his crops with the utmost care and dedication. 




Q. I would like to join the workshop with my partner but we only need 1kg of Miso. Is it possible to get a discount?


A. Yes of course. Please choose a ticket with Miso and a ticket without Miso. The later one has a reduced price.




Q. I’m allergic to soy products Can you prepare alternative ingredients for soybeans for the workshop?

A. I'm sorry. Unfortunately, I'm not able to prepare alternative ingredients for a group workshop. But If you book a private workshop, it is possible. I will prepare chickpeas for you. Alternatively, you can also book a ticket without Miso.


Q. Tell me more about the shipping service.


A. This service is run by the International Mail service of Japan Post. It costs 1000-1600 Yen /kg depending on the countries where it will be sent and you can send a maximum of 2kg at once. The parcel will take less than 3 weeks to reach the address you submit. This is the cheapest way to send Miso to your home.

The International Mail service includes a tracking service by email, so you can track your Miso throughout shipping. 


I don't charge fees to ship your Miso, but please be sure to pay the shipping fee that will be announced after registration. The payment will be on this website which is run by Paypal or Stripe.

If you want to know more about the service please check the e-packet site below.



Q. Are we allowed to carry Miso on the flight?


A. Yes, but don't put Miso in your carried baggage. Miso is not liquid but a paste so it's not allowed in the cabin. Please put Miso in your checked baggage.


Q. I’m not sure if I can bring Miso back to my country.


A. Miso is allowed to be brought into most countries for personal use. It's cooked and salted bean paste so I believe that Miso won't harm the environment of your country. However, I cannot guarantee this for every country, so please check the governmental website about bringing food into your country. 



Q. Can I receive a refund if I don’t like the taste?


A. I'm sorry, this is not possible. Most participants like their homemade Miso but since everyone has different tastes I cannot guarantee that you will also like the taste. But you can use your homemade Miso as an alternative to salt and that will make you more creative with your daily cooking. Miso goes well with many kinds of food and condiments, even with honey, mayonnaise or tomato sauce.



If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact me.






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