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2021, Jan. 17


(Rice Koji drink)


[ Ingredients ]

Fresh rice Koji   (Dried rice Koji works too.), Water

[ Tools ]

Incubator, Yogurt maker, or that sort of thing(which can keep 60-65°C.)


① Put the fresh rice Koji in an incubator. If you see some blocks, please break them into pieces.

② Pour plenty of water untill it covers the Koji compleatly. It's good to check the level of water after an hour or so. (Dried Koji needs much more water than a fresh one.)

③ Keep the mix warm around 60-65°C for 10-12 hours. I recommend you to make sure the temperature. Don't go over 65°C. Otherwise, it can fail. Higher than 65°C can make Amazake strange taste. 

④ Check the taste from time to time. It will get sweeter and sweeter. Then you succeed.

⑤ Put the Amazake in a blender, mixer, or anything to make it smoother.

After it's done, please keep it in a fridge and finish it in a week. (However, the expiring date of homemade foods is up to you!)

** Important! **

・No more than 65°C.
 If your Amazake goes over 70°C,
 the enzyme can't act anymore. It causes acidic or bitter Amazake. The use of a thermometer is highly recommended.


In general, a lot of Amazake recipe recommends pasteurizing Amazake to keep it safe. However, I found that my Amazake keeps longer when I don't pasteurize it.

Maybe a month or a bit more. It may be because of my fridge's environment, or my favorite Koji is different from others. It's a mystery of Amazake. I usually keep my Amazake in sterilized Sake bottles. So, please have a try it.

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